menpofit.builder.warp_images(images, shapes, reference_frame, transform, prefix='', verbose=None)[source]

Function that warps a list of images into the provided reference frame.

  • images (list of menpo.image.Image) – The set of images to warp.

  • shapes (list of menpo.shape.PointCloud) – The set of shapes that correspond to the images.

  • reference_frame (menpo.image.BooleanImage) – The reference frame to warp to.

  • transform (menpo.transform.Transform) – Transform from the reference frame back to the image. Defines, for each pixel location on the reference frame, which pixel location should be sampled from on the image.

  • prefix (str) – The prefix of the printed information.

  • verbose (bool, Optional) – Flag that controls information and progress printing.


warped_images (list of menpo.image.MaskedImage) – The list of warped images.